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Web Developer

Multidisciplinary UI/UX designer focusing across website and mobile platforms.

- Websites/Mobile Apps Designed: 100+
- Countries Served: 12 (including USA, Canada, UK, Poland, France, Germany, Sweden and more)
- Major Proficiency: Photoshop, Illustrator, Sketch

1) Landing Page Optimization
2) Email Marketing

Standout Qualities:
* Visually appealing high quality designs.
* Available for same-day communication.
* Intellectual Property Rights protection is guaranteed and secured at all levels.

Founding partner and UI/UX lead at Aplos Innovations Inc. Where we are shifting the perspective of our clients that outsourcing can't have secure processes and the results will not be of top quality for your business. We are breaking the stereotype that technology is complex and can't be simplified.

Employment History

Web Developer | Rayerdia Co-oparative

2010 - 2012

Was an Assistant developer

Web Developer | MEDS IT

2012 - year

Web Developer

Web Specialist | Softtech-IT

2014 - present


CSE | Rayerdia High School

2003 - 2008