Need a killer landing page that converts well but you don’t have time to make it happen? LET US DO IT FOR YOU!!

For $499 we will concept and build a landing page for your business from scratch. We will study your existing website and your competitors’/peers’ sites, develop a very strong sales (or lead generation) message with an urgency or scarcity trigger, define your key benefits and address key objections with expert language that is proven to convert, and block out and BUILD your entire landing page on a top landing page platform. 

This product comes with one revision – we will send you draft one, you give us feedback, we revised, and bang you’ve got a ready-to-go expert landing page with barely lifting a finger.

The final deliverables here are: 

1) A fully designed and built web preview page of your landing page. 

2) Downloaded code for that page.

To implement the page on your site, you can either have your developer implement the code that we send you – or you can use your own landing page builder to reproduce every aspect of the page from the web page preview. 

We find that landing pages typically take people at least a month to get put together and live – and that they don’t have time to optimize and really get them rocking once they are live. 

So now, we will do this FOR YOU using proven conversion triggers that we have used across business after business. Instantly and effortlessly get a brand new landing page, start converting better immediately, and take this project off your list once and for all. 

Once you check out, we’ll send you a list of questions that we’ll need you to answer in order for us to get to work, then get to work on creating your brand new landing page within 5 business days.