Soup-to-Nuts Facebook Campaign Creation

Want everything done FOR YOU? This is the next best thing to having us fully manage your Facebook campaigns. We will get everything perfectly set up for you so all you need to do is press GO – and you can simply duplicate the campaigns we set up for you to create any new campaigns going forward. No learning curve, no spending 10,000 hours becoming a Facebook expert, no figuring out what all the bid optimization options are and which works best – we will dial our expert playbook right into your account. EASY.

This is a white glove service in which we will go into your ad account, create 5 new ad campaigns from scratch (copy & images), create 5 new audiences from scratch (based on an intensive analysis of your business and customers), set everything up so that the ads are set up and targeting audiences and all you need to do is press go.

We will configure all the settings properly to make sure all you are set up for success – not just for these campaigns but for every campaign you want to launch in the future. We will configure all of your settings in a way which we already know will work best for millions of dollars in ad spend and thousands of tests we’ve completed over the years across a huge variety of businesses.

Once we’re done, all you have to do is turn the ads from the “paused state” to the “active state” (we will not run anything without your permission, we will leave it in inactive mode until you approve it and decide to activate the campaign yourself).